About us EN

Cours et Jardins gUG is a cultural education company recognised as being in the public interest, founded in 2014 in Berlin. We offer educational and leisure activities, youth exchanges, language learning through theatre.

Our mission is to promote cultural education and intercultural sharing through a variety of enriching activities. We believe in the importance of foreign language learning and the power of theatre as a tool. Thanks to our innovative approach, which combines education with leisure, theatre and language learning become fun and effective tools for personal development and mutual understanding.

  • Les Jardins de Voltaire, after-school activities at the Ecole Voltaire elementary and nursery schools in Berlin.
  • Thealingua: language learning through theatrical creation.
  • En Scène: Theatre workshops for adults and teenagers in Berlin.
  • LA LIBER: Franco-German improvisation workshops and shows.
  • European projects. 

In the theatrical context, “côté cour” and “côté jardin” are technical terms that refer respectively to the left and right sides of the stage, from the actor’s point of view facing the audience. This distinction helps to guide actors, directors and technicians during rehearsals, stagings and performances, by providing a clear frame of reference for placement and movement.

The “côté cour” and “côté jardin” are the two emblematic spaces on the stage, serving as landmarks for both those observing and those being observed. For us, they symbolise more than just spatial orientation; they embody the distinct phases of our journey. The Courtyard represents periods of learning and creation. At the same time, the Garden evokes moments of leisure and relaxation, periods when the mind is freed and replenished, and creativity can flourish without restraint. Together, the Courtyard and the Garden reflect an essential balance, where work and rest intermingle to enrich the experience of both the creator and the discoverer.