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Cours et Jardins gUG is a public interest company that offers educational and leisure activities.

In the theatrical context, “Cour” and “Jardin” are technical terms that respectively refer to the left and right sides of the stage, from the actor’s point of view facing the audience. This distinction helps to orient actors, directors, and technicians during rehearsals, staging, and performances, providing a clear frame of reference for placement and movements.

The Cour and the Jardin are the two emblematic spaces on the stage, serving as landmarks for both observers and performers. They symbolize, for us, more than just spatial orientation; they embody distinct phases of our journey.

The Cour (the cours, the lesson) represents periods of learning and creation. In parallel, the Jardin (garden)evokes moments of leisure and relaxation, times when the mind is freed, rejuvenated, and creativity can flourish without constraint. Together, the Cour and the Jardin reflect an essential balance, where work and rest intertwine to enrich the experience of both the creator and the discoverer.

Cours et Jardins encompasses several activities:

  • Les Jardins de Voltaire: After-school program at the elementary and preschool of Ecole Voltaire in Berlin.
  • Thealingua: Language learning through theatrical creation.
  • En Scène: Theater workshop for adults in Berlin.
  • LA LIBER: Franco-German improvisation workshops and performances.
  • European Projects.

Principles and values (excerpt from the company’s structure project)


  • Developing social bonds through creation and collective action.
  • Cultivating a sense of community through shared projects, emphasizing the collective rather than the individual.
  • Prioritizing in-person interactions to enrich communication, valuing authentic exchanges over virtual interactions.
  • Implementing creative activities based on project pedagogy to stimulate innovation and engagement.
  • Creating a work environment that is pleasant, peaceful, and secure, thereby encouraging productivity and well-being.
  • Promoting mutual discovery through personal expression, for a better appreciation of artistic diversity.
  • Encouraging exploration and mastery of bodily expressive abilities through active practice (such as theater, dance, singing, sports, etc.).
  • Opening perspectives, enriching empathy by encouraging changes in viewpoints and opinions.
  • Developing active listening and deep understanding of others and the group, to strengthen cohesion and harmony.
  • Promoting interculturality by recognizing and celebrating the richness of diversity.
  • Carefully ensuring the integration and fulfillment of each individual, by addressing specific needs. Promoting autonomy while strengthening community ties:
  • Establishing connections with other organizations to stimulate exchanges, mutual understanding, and shared learning.
  • Cultivating curiosity for others’ initiatives. Taking the initiative to create enriching professional meetings, networks, and exchanges.
  • Adapting educational objectives to the project and vision of the organization, thereby ensuring alignment and coherence of actions with fundamental values.