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Erasmus +.

Cours et Jardins is supported by the Erasmus + agency and participates in the following projects:

Thealingua Europa, European cooperation partnership.

“Thealingua Europa” is a 2-year program. It is carried out by the association Centre CREAL in France and Cours et Jardins gUG in Berlin.

Program: 3 meetings: LOS! To adjust and enrich our practices TEST! To test and evaluate on the ground BABEL! To celebrate and disseminate 1 method to be perfected together and translated into German 1 ethical platform for exchanging ideas and practices 8 quarterly virtual meetings/trainings of the “learning community” to recharge

Target audience: The learning community (Thealinguists + supporters of innovative pedagogical methods based on theater and the body).

Accompanying engineering as a lever for educational innovation

Three-year project (Nov 2023 – Nov 2026) led by EAFC (Academic School of Continuing Education) in Lyon. 6 partner countries.

Program and objectives

  • Define and grasp the concept of pedagogical innovation.
  • Analyze and model practices and support measures for pedagogical innovation.
  • Offer a set of resources (tools, methods, devices) at European level, promoting the professional development of various actors in pedagogical innovation.

CAP2TRANSITION / ARTIVISTS, European cooperation partnership.

One-year program (September 2023 – September 2024) with Cours et Jardins gUG and Fix In Art (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Objectives: Strengthening ties between the two structures. Building a training and exchange program around the themes of transitions. ARTIVISTS.

Grandir: Project in collaboration with France, Denmark, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Grandir will allow about forty disadvantaged young people to share in the creation of a show performed on stage. A documentary will accompany the project